On Behalf of the 701 residents of Alna

David Abbot (1st Selectman)

Melissa Spinney (2nd Selectman)

Doug Baston (3rd Selectman)

We Three are the chief elected officials of the town Alna, Maine.We are writing on behalf of the citizens of our small town to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the members of your Bowlin team who worked tirelessly to restore our power following the windstorm of October 29th. Within minutes of their arrival in Alna on the evening of November 1st your foreman, Brian Noel, had assigned his crews and they were hard at work at damage assessment. Your guys worked hard and they worked smart. And without exception, they were friendly, professional, and courteous to us and our citizen. You should be very proud of the people you employ. Bowlin people will always welcomed in Alna, Maine. Come visit us again, under better circumstances.

Raquelle Stephens

High Point, NC

I am sending you a heartfelt THANK YOU from High Point North Carolina. I passed several of your trucks coming into our city tonight due to the ice storm that we had on yesterday morning (Friday March 7) that left over 140,000 homes without electricity in the surrounding area. So, Thank You for leaving your families and homes and coming to assist ours!!!

Claire Taylor

With sincere gratitude we thank you for the diligent work the Bowlin Energy crew is doing in our neighborhood. Hurricane Sandy felled trees and lines on nearly every road in Kingwood Township, New Jersey; the task of restoring power is monumental.When your crew arrived Sunday, November 11th, to repair our downed utility pole they worked swiftly, safely and with care for our property. Before they left, they made sure our transition from generator to the utility power was successful.We are thrilled to be back on the grid! Please pass along our sentiments and wish them well as they continue their important task.

Heather Murphy

Ocala, Florida

I just wanted to take a minute to let you guys know that you have a great group of men working for you!They were in our neighborhood restoring our power after a week without it. They are working so hard and getting the job done! We stopped by to ask them what we could get them for lunch and they told us we didn’t need to do that’but we insisted. we set up some tables and chairs in the shade and get them pizza, snacks and drinks, it was by far the least we could do. They were so appreciative and kind! Thank you for helping us here in Florida and thank you for sending this wonderful group of men to our rescue, we are so grateful!
Thank You

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